Setting up Opt-In Posts for Franchises and Sub-Brands

As a brand administrator with franchises or smaller divisions underneath, you can create what we call “opt-in” posts for them. Why would you want to do this? It gives you the ability to create and control super content, whilst giving franchisees the opportunity to be included in posting that content.

Examples might include setting up new product launches with specific content. Or having time sensitive posts that need to be controlled and have the full legal review as examples.

What creating an opt-in post means

What creating an opt-in post means

This will then allow the administrators of those locations to choose if they would like it published to their page or not. By default, they are not opted in automatically by design.

When you create a piece of opt-in content, they will be notified in a number of ways. For the full details of how this works, read the support article How to Opt-in to a post.

How do I get access to Opt-In posts?

How do I get access to Opt-In posts

This is something that has to be enabled by Metigy. If you are interested and already a customer, contact us through the intercom widget in the lower right.

If you are a new customer, please use the contact form on our website.

We will help you set it all up and for large lists of franchises, we can automate the setup process.

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