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Create an opt-in Post

As a brand administrator with franchises or smaller divisions underneath, you can create what we call "opt-in" posts. Why would you want to do this? It gives you the ability to create and control super content, whilst giving franchisees the opportunity to be included in posting that content.

Examples might include setting up new product launches with specific content. Or having time sensitive posts that need to be controlled and have the full legal review as examples.

And it might just be so you can help smaller stores with limited resource to keep publishing great, branded content to their Social Media!

What creating an opt-in post means

This will then allow the administrators of those locations to choose if they would like it published to their page or not. By default, they are not opted in automatically by design.

When you create a piece of opt-in content, they will be notified in a number of ways. For the full details of how this works, read the support article How to Opt-in to a post.

Make Content Opt-In

The process of creating an opt-in post is no different to making a piece of content through the Metigy Content Curator.

First, entered your content and selected the locations you would like to include. Next, tick the box under the location picker to make it opt-in:

Metigy Content Curator Create Opt-in post

What that means is, that once you hit save, the selected locations will all be notified.

If you do not tick that box, then the post will automatically go to those pages when it is published.

You can keep making changes to the content, they will get to see those updates. You can read more about the workflow in the Content Status support article.


How long can I edit content for?

You can edit the content all the way up until it's live. This includes editing it once it's approved. That will just change it back to draft status. All opt-in locations will see the status and changes. You can read more about the workflow in the Content Status support article.

Can I change which locations it is published to later on?

Yes, you can. You can adjust it at any time. If you add locations, they will get notified that they have a post to review. For locations you remove, they will not be notified. They just won't see the post in their calendars anymore.

Can I force the content to go to certain pages?

Absolutely! Create your content and choose the locations. Then, rather than ticking opt-in, don't. This will automatically make it post to all locations.

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