Understanding Marketing Objectives

Understanding Marketing Objectives

In Metigy, Marketing Objectives are at the core of everything you do. That is why the homepage features them prominently on the homepage and give them their own section. We provide Marketing Objectives to help you challenges like increasing your reach, launching a product or increasing brand awareness.

Creating an Objective

To create your first objective, go to the Homepage and click on the “+” (plus) symbol in the objective panel in the top right:

Add an Objective
Add an Objective

This will take you to the Objectives Page. On there you can select your first Objective, or track the progress of the Objectives that are in progress.

To start a new Objective, click on one of the Objective cards. Each one, when you mouse over it, it shows you details of the objective and what it will help you with.

If you want to use the objective, click “create”. Once you have selected an objective you will need to select the channel it relates to and what your goal for the objective is. Once you are happy with the settings for the Objective, click “Create”.

That’s it! You’re Objective is now running and you will start to see Actions related to that Objective on the homepage.

Active Objectives

You Active Objectives are shown on both the Homepage and the Objectives page.

On the Homepage, the Objectives panel lets you filter the Action panel and also links to the Objective page to see how the Objective is Progressing.

Filter actions to an Objective
Filter actions to an Objective

When you mouse over an Objective, you will see two icons appear. The first icon – the eye – will take you to the Objective progress screen. And the 2nd icon – the “hamburger” – will filter the Action panel to show only those related to the Objective you clicked on.

On the Objective Detail page, you get details on how long  of how you are tracking against your goal and also your Actions History which shows you all completed or missed:

If you wish to end an Objective early, you can click on the trashcan in the lower right.If you wish to end an Objective early, you can click on the trashcan in the lower right.

Cancel a running objective
Cancel a running objective

Some useful Tips for Objectives

  • You can only have one active version of each type of objective on each page you have. The reason being that they will conflict with each other and become less effective.
  • Don’t run too many objectives at a time unless you have the time or support team to do it. If you overstretch the time you have, the objectives can become less effective and you will not achieve your goals.
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