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How to use the Your Marketing Actions To-Do list

The Marketing Actions list is a prioritised list of actions that you currently have. Actions come in a range of types ranging from informational, time-based actions, critical opportunities and real-time trending items. All actions have an expiry time, but some are shorter than others. For example, an opportunity to get involved in a conversation or make the best use of the best time in your content schedule.

Each Action is associated with any the currently running Objectives. When you click on an action it expands to give you more details.

Your Marketing To-Do list of Actions to succeed

A daily to-do list of marketing actions to help you hit your marketing objectives every single time!

The expanded action gives you the background of the action, what it means and what you can do with it.

Action detail panel

Action detail panel

If you want to perform the recommended action, you can click on the action button in the lower right. If you would prefer not to perform the action, click on the “Dismiss” button. If you would prefer to come back to it later, click on the left arrow in the top left. This means the action will sit waiting for you to action it, or until it expires.

Filtering Marketing Actions to an Objective

Each action is designed to work as part of each objective. If you want to see all of the actions associated with an objective, click on the hamburger symbol next to the objective in the objectives panel:

Filter actions to an Objective

Filter actions to an Objective