Be Ready: Excel your B2B marketing by deeply understanding your customer

Apr 22, 2022

Businesses often fail to reach the right customer or client. Why? Because businesses fail to understand them!

Find out how to market and grow your small to medium business in a simple and cost effective way – on this episode of This Week in Marketing.

This is part two of five in a mini series takeover by The B2B Playbook.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • Why B2B online marketing is all about content. But your content journey starts with your customer, not your business.
  • Step one in the B2B framework “Be Ready”.
  • What questions to ask yourself right now so you can find the right customer or client

  • Transcript

    Daren (00:03):
    Question: Do you know what is the one main reason why businesses fail to reach the right customer or client? It’s because they don’t understand them. Find out how to market and grow your small to medium business in a simple and cost-effective way on this episode on This Week in Marketing.

    Daren (00:21):
    Hey, everyone. I’m Daren Lake, and welcome to This Week in Marketing, another podcast by Metigy. Each episode, we answer questions or talk about one specific idea to help you market and operate your small to medium enterprise better. And we do that by making them easy to digest, short, and concise, because we’ve all got a business to run.

    Daren (00:42):
    We’ve got our friends, Kevin, George, from the B2B Playbook podcast to take over the next few episodes. Kevin Chen and George Coudounaris are a unique team. They are both ex-lawyers turned digital marketing wizards. And with over 10 years of experience between them, their main objective is to help business owners with proven, detailed strategies to drive demand and grow. Their podcast is the holy grail playbook that any business owner or marketer can use, no matter how early or advanced they are in their marketing journey. Make sure you go and check it out anywhere you can get podcasts or the show notes description.

    Daren (01:17):
    This is part two of five in a miniseries takeover by the B2B podcast. In this episode, you’ll learn why B2B online marketing is all about content. Step one in the Five Be’s framework, be ready, what questions to ask yourself right now so you can find the right customer or client, and much more. Enough from me. Let’s get into the convo with Kev and George.

    George (01:40):
    You know, Kev, everyone talks about call when it comes to B2B marketing, content, content, content. That’s what you always hear.

    Kevin (01:47):
    Content is king.

    George (01:48):
    Content is king. But I think people are really missing one very important thing when it comes to content, and that’s that your content should actually start with your customers and not your business.

    Kevin (02:00):
    Yeah, that’s a great point. A lot of people start their content journey by looking inward and looking at what the business is doing, what we can sell people, what our expertise is at, but that might not be necessarily what the customers or your dream customers care about. So it’s important to start, as we always say, by looking at the customer, and that’s really what Be Ready in our five-step framework is, the Five Be’s.

    Kevin (02:22):
    Be Ready is all about getting to know your customers, having that deep understanding of what they’re about, and putting that into your content. Content is still king, but the content does need to start from your customers and finding out what they actually care about, what their pain points are, and where do you then need to go to help solve those problems for them.

    George (02:42):
    That’s why it is our first stage, because you have to deeply understand your customers first. Otherwise, you’re putting all this time, all this energy, possibly money into creating content that your customers, potential customers aren’t actually going to care about.

    Kevin (02:55):
    That’s just wasted effort and time for everybody, and it’s not really going to help with your B2B online marketing journey. It’s important to start by asking, when you’re starting that content journey, what the customers are having problems with. What are their pain points? What do they need to solve those pain points, and where they’re already congregating online? Because then with that information, you can produce content that’s actually relevant, that’s actually going to get cut through, they’re actually going to find helpful, and you’re going to know where to put it so they can [inaudible 00:03:23] find it.

    George (03:23):
    Yeah. That’s another key component that people miss, is finding out where it is that your dream customers are already hanging out online. You don’t need to be the one to bring them online. They’re already out there. I mean, it’s 2022. They’re on the internet. They’re hanging out somewhere. You’ve just got to find out where that is. Actually, even by going and finding out where that is early on, that’s going to give you some great insights. If you start stalking your clients, I’m not saying we should go stalking everyone, but if you go and look at where your clients are, what they engage with on social, like LinkedIn, that kind of thing, then you’re going to get really great insights as to what they actually care about.

    Kevin (04:01):
    Yeah. Another great example is you stalking people through Facebook groups. I know you’re a Facebook group [inaudible 00:04:06].

    George (04:06):
    I am a-

    Kevin (04:06):
    But it is a great example of how to get into the heads of your dream customers, like we always talk about. Figure out where they are already. And to that point, again, it’s very hard to move someone from a platform that they’re already on online. They don’t know you. They don’t trust you yet. So it’s better to start seeding your content where they already are to build that trust, because they’ll see the content in a place they already trust and they’ll start to build a relationship with your brand and your name directly. Then it’s a bit easier to provide value and develop a relationship, and ultimately, that trust is the foundation of the Five Be’s framework we talk about.

    George (04:44):
    That’s it. It’s a great place to start. It’s where every business should start, so get started by being ready.

    Daren (04:50):
    From Metigy, you’ve listened to This Week in Marketing. Again, I’m Daren, and Metigy hopes we helped you find more insights and tips into your business. To find out more about Metigy and get a listener-exclusive three-month free trial, visit us at And while you’re there, go and check out some more episodes. If you like what you heard, please share a link to another business owner or marketer who you think could get something from this. Also, to help us out, it would be great if you left a five-star review on your favorite podcast app. Last, never miss another episode by following or subscribing to us on your favorite podcast player. See you on the next episode.

    Speaker 4 (05:27):

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