Manage your platform tokens

Manage your platform tokens

Metigy interacts with external networks, such as social platforms using tokens as outlined in our Understanding Social Connect Tokens article. This article covers connecting, disconnecting, and updating those tokens.

Token management is handled on your account page. To access it, go to your account settings, and then click on the pages tab.

Token management

Token Statuses

Each location can have the following statuses

Connecting and Re-connecting a Token

To connect a token, click on the Red Broken link icon. This will open a new window for the selected network asking you to authorize Metigy to have access to the page.

Connecting and Re-connecting a Token

Approve the connection, and the window will then close and the Red Broken Link will change to the Green Tick to show it was successful.

If You cancel the approval or close the window without completing it, the icon will stay red.

NOTE: If you have previously connected, the popup may appear and go away automatically. This is normal, and you should see the Red icon return to Green.

Disconnecting a Token

You may want to disconnect a token from a page. This usually happens in businesses where a page has been removed and is no longer required.

To disconnect the location, click on the Green Tick and a confirmation will appear:

To disconnect the location, click on the Green Tick and a confirmation will appear:

If you approve the disconnect, the icon will change to the Red Broken Link image. If you do not, the icon will not change.

Removing a permission for Metigy Most social platforms track which apps you have granted permission to. Granting Metigy a token is exactly this function. So most platforms provide you with a detailed list of what current permissions you have granted, and you can at any time remove the permission you have granted to Metigy, by going to this list and removing this permission. In this way, you are always in control of the access you have granted to Metigy.
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