How to Create a Multi-image Carousel Post

How to Create a Multi-image Carousel Post
Metigy allows you to create a carousel post for Facebook that features multiple images, each with a title, link and description. That means that a single post will show up to 5 images. Why would you want to do this? Multi-image posts are a great way to drive organic post engagements – meaning you don’t need to book ads. Sign-up to Metigy today to try it!

How to Create a Carousel post

  1. Open the content curator
  2. Start creating your post as normal
  3. Add your images:
    1. Click Add Media to upload new images – you can choose to upload from your computer or drag & drop images in
    2. Click Your Media to use previously uploaded images
    3. Click Media Library to access the stock image libraries built into Metigy
  4. Once you’re happy with the images you uploaded or selected, click Confirm Selection
  5. To convert it to a carousel, switch the carousel toggle
  6. If you want to re-order the images, you can drag and drop them to set the order
  7. For each image, to set details
    1. Click on the image you want to add details for
    2. Enter the title, link and optional description
    3. Click Confirm to save changes
  8. Choose the channels you want to upload it to
  9. You will see the preview for each channel
  10. Once you’re happy with the post, save it as normal
Hint: the more images you have, the more interesting it looks!
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