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Dashboard Widget types

The Metigy dashboards all you to build custom layouts to easily access the data. This article explains what each dashboard widget is used for.

Dashboard Widgets

  • Organic Reach
    How many people you have reached in the timeframe per day
  • Bottom posts
    Carousel of the bottom 5 posts for a dataset in terms of engagement
  • Top posts
    Carousel of the top 5 posts for a dataset in terms of engagement
  • Total page fans
    Simple number showing the number of fans for that page
  • Page growth
    Total fans for the page, how many new fans last week and how many this week
  • Avg post engagement
    A line chart showing the average post engagements for a timeframe per day
  • Weekly engagement
    A line chart showing the engagement score for a timeframe per day
  • Hourly engagement
    The number of post engagements per hour within a timeframe. This is useful for calculating when to post during the day.
  • Custom image
    Add an image to the dashboard. Useful for making one area more obvious
  • Custom text
    Add a text area to help describe the dashboard. This is useful for adding notes to a dashboard to help other viewers understand the data
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Gregory Brine
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Greg has a passion for what AI and Deep Learning can bring to the MarTech stack and how small and medium businesses can benefit from these new technologies. He has over 20 years experience as an engineer and product developer, having worked for significant global marketing agencies, Razorfish and We Are Social.