Be more creative with your product photography

Be more creative with your product photography
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If you are a budding content creator, or even new to marketing, and your focus is on working with products, then you will love the inspiration in this video on how to make your product shots more creative. If you are just starting out in content creation, or starting a new business and working with products, then you probably don’t have the budget to outsource your product photography. So mastering shooting your own product shots is going to be a critical factor in creating content that really converts customers. You can’t rely on having a great product to sell itself digitally. Given that most consumers only glance at your content for no more than a couple of seconds at most as they roll down their feed, you really have to inspire them. You have to be able to present your fantastic new product in a way that excites potential customers to learn more. So how do you do that if you are not a great photographer? This great video from one of my favorite photography influencers, Peter McKinnon, is just what you need. In 14 minutes you will get some great tips, tricks, techniques, and inspiration to make even the most simple of products, look interesting. What I like most about Pete’s tutorials is that he shows you the planning, sourcing, setup, shooting, and end results, all in one session. So even as an inexperienced photographer and content creator, you can quickly start improving your results. Just remember too, that becoming a great content marketer is not about being brilliant and creative on day one. It is about learning and improving your results over time. So don’t be afraid to experiment. Be sure to let me know what you think and send us some of your results.

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