Your brand should reflect your vision! @Metigy

Your brand should reflect your vision! @Metigy

Yes – your brand should reflect your vision, and so @scrmhub has evolved to become @Metigy

Since launching our new Artificial Intelligence upgrades and getting such great feedback, we realised that @scrmhub no longer reflects the real nature of how we are adding value. So to acknowledge this big leap forward we have rebranded the business.

Today, we are really proud to introduce our new brand and mark Metigy:


The team have been busy affecting lots of changes that you will notice immediately, but you can also expect to see other great improvements over the coming weeks, as we reveal more exciting developments, in both our brand and product.

So what inspired our new name?

Born initially from the Greek Goddess Metis, the Goddess of wisdom and deep thought, we realised the new brand should be the fusion of the two most important elements of marketing that we have sought to transform with technology – simplifying turning Metrics into Insights and using Artificial Intelligence to inform Strategy.

So what inspired our new name?

We have viewed this as an opportunity to clearly articulate how we are crafting a product that is making marketing more fun and effective by harnessing the power of AI. The Metigy team truly believe that AI will impact the future of marketing in a significant way, and with the impending revolution of both recommendation processing and personalisation, using Deep Learning, the Future truly is AI tailored marketing.

Our recent trip to the US as part of the #Elevate61 program really challenged us to refine how we articulate our customer value proposition. We had wonderful feedback about how great our product was and how we were really challenging what customers expect of their technology partner. However, our messaging did not support the product anymore, or the bold vision we had set. To be fair, it was conceived before we even started like most names are, and we held onto it thinking we had built brand value. However, you just need to be bold if you are going to take on the world and you need every element of your marketing message aligned with how you add value.

How you articulate the way you add value for customers  is something we believe is key to great marketing, and so we decided to walk our talk. The team is really proud of what we have achieved so far and the new brand and communication philosophy that inspired it, is an exciting reflection of that. A big thanks to @GlenBarry for his guidance and experience in this important objective.

So from Greg, Johnson, Dave and myself, plus our wonderful team, we are really excited to share our new identity that we finally feel reflects the incredible product we have been creating. It is an exciting time to be in technology and we are well on the way to creating a product that will change the way our wonderful customers think of marketing technology.

The Future is AI Tailored Marketing!

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