Metigy partners with Binumi to bring video storytelling to our customers

Metigy partners with Binumi to bring video storytelling to our customers

We are very excited to announce this partnership with Binumi because it will enable our customers, regardless of skills and budget, to start telling their brand story using video

Cisco estimates that video will account for 81% of all web traffic by 2021, yet an SMB marketing team only publishes 7 videos a year on average because they lack the resources to produce original content at scale.

Everyone understands the power of video storytelling for business, and we have been looking for the right technology to make it affordable and quick for our customers. The key has been to find the right scalable solution so we could support our global marketing community of customers to master video marketing while generating a tangible ROI. Video only works for SMB’s if they can get it to market quickly and cheaply. We wanted to empower our customer marketing teams to master video marketing. By partnering with Binumi, which is a best in class solution, we can do just that.

Through a partnership and integration with video ecosystem provider Binumi, Metigy is now offering video storytelling as an integral part of our marketing toolset for SMB marketers. With Metigy on track to have over 40,000 SMB’s using our marketing platform by 2020, both companies are excited to start rolling out the affordable and pioneering video solution that enables even novice marketers to create amazing video campaigns.

“Binumi offer a business video storytelling solution that enables in-house teams to make videos at scale,” says Anthony Copping, CEO and Founder of Binumi. “We believe everyone should be able to communicate with video; and our work with government, corporate and educational clients has proven that teams given the opportunity and tools can tell amazing video stories. We are excited to work with Metigy in disrupting the advertising market, and to make it possible for every business to empower their teams to communicate with video”

The Binumi solution enables our customers to start their video creation experience by choosing an industry-appropriate pre-made story. This story contains a number of “cast-members” which are videos or images and a soundtrack, which users can edit, swap out for their own content, select from up to 4 million additional videos, and then edit the text to be brand specific. Drop-in your brand introduction and branding and then publish to live, all within the environment and generally all within minutes with only a very simple understanding of video required to start producing amazing branded video content. When we add the convenience of being able to turn that into video ads to run on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter seamlessly accessible from Metigy, and you understand why this is a great step for Metigy and our customers.

About Binumi

Binumi is a UK based leader in video creation technology. Binumi makes it easy to create, manage, host and share video content across organizations. They offer complete video ecosystems for business and education, including ready-to-go video stories, 4 million rights-cleared clips and an instinctive cloud-based editor for video creation. Alongside secure admin-controlled content management for uploaded content, in-progress and final videos, the company also provides white-label and integration capabilities.

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