I’m a novice marketer, so is Metigy right for me?

Absolutely! We find that most SMB marketers are not experienced marketers. While Metigy is delivering powerful and innovative software, we understand from users that they need skills to execute creatively and confidently. Our innovative learning program, Metigy IQ, is designed to underpin the development of new skills that support users to take full advantage of the insights and strategy they now have access to.

I am new to social marketing, is Metigy right for me?

Absolutely, we have created a solution that helps beginners. A simple, friendly user interface, time-saving features, clever Recommendation Technology that helps you learn to be effective, and more feature power as your confidence grows. We also back it up without Metigy education program which regularly delivers ideas and learning, to help you grow in confidence and reach more customers.

What do I get on the free plan and who is this best for?

The limited Metigy free plan is designed to help you manage a limited amount of pages and content. There’s are limits on how much you can do with it, but it’s a good starting point for those who don’t have a lot of experience and are trying to get started with marketing. You get access to all of the modules and a limited number of Objectives.

Do I need a credit card to use the free plan?

In a word no, unless you want to use one of the paid services such as advertising or stock photography. But you only need to add it when you need it, not before. We’ve tried to make it as seamless as possible for you to get started.

Can I Invite other people to access my Metigy brand account?

For customers on the team or larger plan, you can absolutely invite users! In fact, you can assign them a role as well! For example, you might want to invite someone to write content for you, but not want to give them the ability to publish. Don’t worry! We have that covered. You can even chat with each other using our commenting functionality.

Is Metigy a good tool for agencies?

Metigy is the leading marketing tool for agencies. Trust us, the founders come from an agency background and designed the platform to support how you need to work with customers. We even added a stage to the workflow just for you that allows you to require internal approval before a client gets to see it.

Can you explain the Agency Plan pricing model

Our Agency plan costs $500/month for up to 10 clients and is designed to help you manage multiple clients. That’s like getting 10 team accounts for a lot less. With that you can set each of them up as their own account and give them pages and competitors, much like you would for yourself.

What is recommendation technology

This is what we call the combination of our AI, Objectives and Insights. They combine together to provide our users with recommendations to help them with their marketing strategy.

How do objectives help my business

Metigy helps you set (and stick to) your marketing objectives with strategies and insights that are relevant to your goals. But what is an objective? Think of an objective as a mini-strategy that is all laid out for you and adapts in real-time. It’s designed to help you with important marketing plans that you might not have time to work out yourself such as growing your audience or creating Brand Awareness. Learn more about objectives here

When and how do insights work for me

Metigy’s AI-driven monitoring analyses how you are tracking against your benchmarks, goals, and KPIs, giving you a clear picture of channel and community growth. Every step of the way we’re generating insights to give you an understanding of what is happening that impacts you.

What tools do you have to support my marketing?

  • Planning & Collaboration Calendar – Plan your marketing content and advertising spend
  • Content & Assets – Manage your media assets
  • Analysis & Reporting – Get in-depth information on how you are performing
  • Account Management – Add pages, competitors and users as well as upgrade your plan at any time.
  • Learning Resources – Our Metigy Learning program is designed to help you grow as a marketer

How will Metigy save me time with my marketing campaigns?

Metigy recommends marketing objectives that will save time for your business. Learn what content you should create, how often you should post, and what time of day to schedule posts for different social networks. When you choose your marketing objectives, you’ll get clear guidance on all the strategic details. So you can focus on creating great content that your audience loves. Objectives Choose from a range of objectives that keep your marketing efforts focused and effective.

What platforms can I use Metigy with and is it omnichannel?

Metigy was written from the very beginning to support more than one social media platform at a time. We support a number of platforms and are adding more all the time. Currently, you can publish content and do reporting for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Business Pages and Youtube. And then for Instagram, you can currently do reporting only – don’t worry, we’re working on Instagram publishing currently! Coming soon, we’ll be adding LinkedIn Personal Profiles and Facebook Groups.

What is the AI element in Metigy?

The question we have always asked ourselves was “what can AI help our users do easier and faster”. That’s a broad question, but what it means is that we wrote our AI to help you be a better marketer. It’s kind of like having your own Digital Strategist telling you what to do and when. It’s always there looking for opportunities and trying to give you the best possible recommendations to make your marketing more effective! It sits across everything you do, but will never force you to do something. You have the final say in everything it suggests.


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