Why Can’t I Connect A Social Media Profile or Page?

Why Can’t I Connect A Social Media Profile or Page?
Trying to connect a social media profile or page is usually straightforward, but sometimes there can be complexities. This article aims to help you troubleshoot the issue yourself!

Is the Token Still Connected?

In case you don’t know what this means when you authorise Metigy to access a Social Media platform, we get back what is called a “Token”. That allows us to act on your behalf to manage a page. But sometimes those tokens can go out of whack and need reconnecting. The reason this can happen is your permission on the page has been changed, it’s expired (they don’t last forever). Or perhaps a platform thinks your account has been compromised. You can learn more about managing tokens in our support article about Understanding Social Network Connect and Tokens. If the token has become invalid or expired, when you log into Metigy, we will tell you the token needs reconnecting. But sometimes platforms don’t correctly expire a token when a user’s permission has changed. We recommend you go to your profiles in the Brand Manager and manually try disconnecting and reconnecting the token. This generally fixes a lot of issues in our experience assuming you still have enough permission (see below).

Are you logged in with the profile you want to connect?

For some platforms, they don’t support multiple user access so you need to be logged in as that account. An example if Twitter. Other platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn allow multiple users to access a page so you need to be signed in as a user who can access that page. The easiest way to check this is to open a new browser and go to that platform and check you are logged in and able to do things someone who manages that page can do. Such as the ability to start creating a post (you don’t need to actually create a post to check this, just have access to starting it).

Do you have the right permissions to connect a social media profile or page?

This might sound obvious but sometimes you can have access to post on a page, but not have enough permission to actually give permission for the page to be managed. Facebook is probably the most complicated in this respect as they have very granular permissions, especially if you have a page managed by a business profile. Twitter is maybe the easiest as you are either logged into that account or not. You can check your access in the page settings. If you can’t see or access the settings, that’s a good sign that you don’t have enough permissions on the page. In that instance, the solution is to find someone who is an administrator of the page.

The page or profile has been locked or limited

This one is a little harder to detect and resolve. This primarily happens if a platform detects unusual behaviour on a profile. Such as being accessed from a different location, suspicion an account has been hacked or others. The easiest way to check if this is the case is to try logging into the account. That will either not work, or allow you in but tell you there is an issue that needs resolving with the profile. An example of this is that sometimes Twitter limits an account’s access due to traffic loads. Each platform will give you help in resolving the issue.

Check that you’re using the right URL or ID and that it’s a public page

Due to how some platforms work, you may need to enter the URL or ID of the page you’re connecting. The easiest way to check this is to try going to the URL of the page you’re adding in an incognito (private) browser window. This is a little harder with accounts using an ID but most platforms will support a request using the ID. If you can’t access it that way, then you will need to check the URL is correct and that it is publicly accessible.

Their API is not working

Ok, this is something the is hard for an end-user to check and resolve. We continually monitor error rates from APIs (an API is how we talk to platforms like Facebook and Twitter). If the error rate goes up – and some errors are normal – this is a good sign that something is wrong on their side. We will alert you as soon as we notice this happening. This is not something we can resolve, and requires the platform to fix the issue. Luckily this is a very rare occurrence!

We had a glitch in the Matrix

As hard as we work on ensuring everything is 100% reliable, sometimes things slip through. Metigy is very complicated with a lot of moving parts that all have to work together. But sometimes a part can not work as expected and prevent you from doing something like connecting a page. This is not something you can resolve yourself. But we may ask you for help in solving the issue in specific cases. We monitor all errors in the system and we are alerted when things don’t work correctly so they can be resolved as fast as possible!

What to do next?

If you’ve gone through the above or think you have another issue that’s not listed in this article about how to troubleshoot how you connect a social media profile, then contact us! Use the Intercom button in the lower right and we will respond to you as quickly as possible!
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