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Welcome to the Metigy Inspiration AI

The Metigy Inspiration AI tools are designed to get going on creating your next content piece, identifying the latest trending topics across the web.

Getting Started

The Inspiration AI Panel is accessed from the left panel. You can click on the Inspiration AI title or select one of the trending topics below to get started.

The topics displayed are based on what is currently trending on the internet.

Navigating the Inspiration AI Panel

  1. Search
    1. Keyword search
      When you have a specific topic in mind, you can start to explore by typing it into the search field.
    2. Select a topic
      Topics are a high-level categorization of the content, similar to the ones you may have added to your account.
  2. Trending Entities
    Within Trending Entities you can, dependant on the chosen topic, drill down further and further to refine your search.
  3. Results
    1. The image from the post used when you select this content inspiration.
    2. Title and description of the topic provided by the site the content is from.
    3. When the content was posted at.
    4. The Site and URL of the post. If you click on it, you will be taken to the full article for reviewing.
    5. Total aggregated engagements which have occurred across most networks giving you insight into how big the topic is.
    6. The Predicted final reach of the post according to the prediction algorithms,
    7. which platforms the engagements have occurred on as a total amount.
    8. The percentage change and in what timeframe. This gives you some idea of the velocity of the post, meaning if it is very popular, you have a high increase in a short time.

To select a post, click on the image and it will be brought into the content text.