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@mentions: Using Multi-Channel Mentions for social tagging

What is the Multi-Channel Mentions feature?

Here at Metigy, we know that @mentions and social tagging is an important part of building collaborations online, along with expanding your audience.

So we’ve launched an easy way to @mention the same profile across the multiple posts you create on your social media channels from within the Metigy platform.

It’s a time-saving way to share the love for those businesses or people who are helping you to grow your brand, without the hassle of creating the same post many times on different platforms.


What type of Metigy plan do I need to use Multi-Channel Mentions?

All users, including those on our free forever plan, have access to our Multi-Channel Mentions within the Content Creator. 


What social media channels are Multi-Channel Mentions available for?

Currently, our Multi-Channel Mentions are available on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can @mention the following account types, respectively:

  • Facebook: @mention pages only
  • Instagram: @mention any profile type
  • Twitter: @mention any profile type
  • LinkedIn: @mention any business page


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter:
How do I @mention a person or business in my posts?

You can create your post mentioning another business or person using these five easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Open the Content Creator
  2. Select the social channels you want to post to (@mentions are available for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)
  3. Write your text and use the @ followed by the name of the person or business you want to mention

  4. If you’ve selected more than one channel, use the Customise button on the right-hand side to amend the @mention for each post.

  5. When you’re ready, save as a draft, schedule your posts, or publish immediately


How do I @mention a person or business in my posts?

To tag a LinkedIn business page:

  • Open the Content Creator
  • Select your LinkedIn page/s you’re posting to in the right-hand panel
  • Write your text and use the @ sign, followed by the URL of the LinkedIn business page you want to mention
  • Hit enter/select the page that appears in the validated pop-up window.


Can I edit or delete a post I’ve created that uses the @mentions feature?

You can edit before your post goes live and is published on your social media channels.

You can delete published posts from within the Metigy application with the exception of Instagram where you need to log in on your phone and delete the posts directly from your Instagram account.


How do I know that I’ve tagged the right person or business in my posts?

When you have selected a person or business in your post, the tag will be highlighted in blue. In the preview section on the right-hand side, click the blue mention to open the tagged profile in a new tab. Check that this is the correct person or business, and then return to the Metigy application window.

If you have any questions on this, please feel free to reach out to us via email or via online chat.