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The URL Manager

The URL Manager in the Content Curator allows you to preview the link you have added and decide if you will use the Metigy Tracking links. You can read more about the tracking links in the article What are u.metigy.com URLs.

Url Manager Previews

When typing in the text, the editor automatically detects the first URL it finds. After a URL is detected, the Metigy scraper goes and tries to read the content to generate a preview as shown in this example:

As you can see, the editor has discovered the link and shown a preview. Underneath it is a toggle to turn the Metigy tracking links on or off.

URLs that appear like this are attached to the post and make the post a link post. You can remove the link from the post using the cross in the top right corner of the URL preview.

URL Tips

If you want your post to be an image post, remove the link. This will work on all platforms except LinkedIn which doesn’t support image only posts.

Metigy performs some basic validation to make sure your page has correctly setup Social Open Graph tags. If you use the Metigy tracking URLs, we try to validate your page using the platform’s APIs if they support it.