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Payment Method Adding or Updating

If you are an administrator for your company, you can update the payment method at any time through the account admin panel. The reason you would want to do this is to make upgrading to one of our Premium Marketing Plans easier. Or in preparation for our upcoming premium paid content.

How to Update

  1. First, log into Metigy with an administrator account
  2. Navigate to the account management panel Account Management Icon
  3. Then click on the Billing Tab
  4. At the top of that  page, you will see information about adding or updating your payment method
  5. Click on the Add Payment Option button Add Payment Option Button
  6. A modal will appear prompting you for your card details
    Enter Payment Details using Stripe
  7. Once you have completed the details, click on Submit.

That’s it, your done and ready to have an even more seamless Metigy marketing experience!

Payment Method Provider

We use a 3rd party provider called Stripe to handle all of our customer payment information. They provide the highest level of security with 128 bit SSL and 256bit encryption to keep your information safe.

You can read more about their security and Privacy & Terms on their website.