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What are u.metigy.com URLs?

Metigy is designed to give you as many insights as possible. One of the metrics that helps with those insights is the number of clicks a link gets. This is where u.metigy.com comes in.

We convert your URLs to use our own link system so we can get that metric. This is the same as using bit.ly for example. It gives you access to statistics that are hard to get reliably get other ways.

How do u.metigy.com links work?

In their simplest form, they are a ‘hashed’ representation of the original url. When a user clicks on the link, they are sent to that URL which then invisibly forwards the user to the original URL. As it is forwarded, we track the click and feed it into our reports.

Everything about where the user clicked on the link is forwarded to the next location so your own analytics system, such as Google Analytics, will get the usual information they require to function.

This also allows social media platforms such as Facebook to get to your pages open graph tags without any problems.

Are there any downsides?

From our point of view, we don’t think so. The single biggest thing that you might notice is that Facebook shows the url as being u.metigy.com rather than the end side url. Unfortunately, there is no way around this and affects any url shortener including bit.ly and Hootsuite’s ow.ly URLs.

Are there any other benefits to tracking?

Actually, yes. As part of our shortening service, we call some of the social media platform APIs which do two things:

  1. They prime your content in their system meaning that it is there, cached and ready for all users as soon as we post
  2. We validate the end url and let you know if there are any issues such as incorrect, missing or duplicate Open Graph tags.

Can I disable them?

In the new Content Curator module, absolutely. When you add a URL it is automatically scraped by us so you can preview it is working. Underneath that is the option to use our tracking URLs or not. Easy.