Troubleshooting Social Media Content Publishing Issues

As a platform that focuses on making content publishing as easy as possible, Metigy works hard for you to prevent issues. But sometimes the unexpected comes up and in this guide, we will help with Troubleshooting Social Media Content Publishing Issues.

And if you’re new to Metigy, please give us a try for free!

Common Content Publishing Issues and Solutions

Common Content Publishing Issues and Solutions

Check the error message you get for your social media content

When an error occurs that causes a social media post fail, we will give you a notification telling you what happened. Usually, it will be pretty clear what the issue was (and it might be one of the other reasons below).

As much as we endeavour to make that social post fail message meaningful, occasionally what we get back from the platform isn’t accurate or is a new error. In those cases, you may need to contact us for help understanding the issue – which we will have logged.

Is the token valid and do you still have permission for publishing?

Occasionally, a token will expire between the time the content was created and the time it is scheduled to go live. Additionally, sometimes a user’s permission could have changed.

To check this please go to your page manager and check the token is active. You can read more about this in our support article.

Note: Some platforms are meant to invalidate a token if a user’s permission changes, but there are sometimes issues where they have failed to do so which causes an error on publishing. This is often the case when you cannot post to Facebook.

Does the post comply with the platform content requirements

Does the post comply with the platform content requirements

99.9% of the time, our checks will ensure that your content is valid for each platform. But, occasionally, an obscure rule or a change to the requirements can occur before we’ve had a chance to deploy it.

When this occurs it will usually come back in the error message as per the first troubleshooting item. In this instance, the most common causes are a file being too long or large (Twitter is very picky about this).

What else can I do?

If none of the above helps, then please reach out to Metigy support and we’ll work to resolve the issue with you!

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