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The Metigy Guide to Content Workflows

Whether you are a startup, small business or global brand, managing your social content workflows can make or break a successful content strategy.

This how to guide outlines what the various types of workflow Metigy supports and who is involved in your business.

Workflow for solo operators

When you are working on your own, then you are the creator, reviewer and approver. This workflow is for people who run their own business or are their own brand. They create, review and approve all in one.

Metigy aims to make this simple for you by allowing you to do one click approvals. This means you can create and approve in one go without worrying about workflows.

But, we also allow you to create and save as draft. This is ideal to allow you to plan your content schedule or just note ideas.

And with the notes feature, the note feature of Metigy is ideal to help you plan your ad spend or prepare notes for the piece.

The Team Workflow

In Metigy, the team workflow is designed to support businesses with a hierarchy that helps to ensure content compliance. What does that mean? Someone should always review a piece of content before it can go live. Why? Because there is nothing more damaging for a brand than an errant piece of content.

How Metigy Defines the Team Roles


This is the person or people in the team who are creating the content to be published. They will be doing the research, writing and image creation to execute the content strategy the team have created.

As a content creator, they need an easy way to manage their content and also have dialogue with the rest of the team. They also value feedback, be it for hitting goals or to adjust the content.

Once they are happy with their content, they can submit it for review by the next person.


A review – or approver depending on your preferred terminology – is the guardian of your brand. That is to say they are the one that checks what the creators submit. They also ensure it meets the brand guidelines and any campaign messaging are met, and adhered to.

As a reviewer, they want things to be simple, clear and fast. But also they want to be able to give their team advice.

Supports this by allowing them to do as much as possible in the Hub. This includes seeing on-platform previews of the content. Writing notes for the rest of the team. And approving – or rejecting – content. Once they approve it, it will be scheduled to go live.


This role in the business is the person who manages the behind the scenes part of the business. That is to say they make sure the brand pages work and are up to date.

In Metigy, they are the backbone of your business and responsible for setting up the pages, managing page tokens and managing the team and their roles.

The Agency Plan Workflow

The Agency workflow is an extension of the Team workflow, but with one major difference. Client’s have the final approval on all content.

What this means is that the Reviewer/Approver is still the brand custodian. But, when they approve it, it then goes to the client for review.

Client Approver

The final step in the agency workflow. Clients will get to review all content that is approved and have the same ability to approve or reject it. By having this final step in the flow, agency and client’s can work much closer together. It also helps to build trust knowing it has been reviewed prior to coming to them.