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Why is there no data in my reports for Instagram?

For everyone in our community that use our Instagram reporting features, we have released an upgrade to use their latest API.

Instagram is owned by Facebook and this update is a move by Facebook to bring Instagram inline with Facebook’s other tools. It opens up more reporting metrics and future functionality as well. And we hope to be seeing a lot more from Instagram!

Before you reconnect your Instagram page, there are some requirements from Facebook to improve your setup. The main one is that you need to have an Instagram Pro or Business account. And then connect your Instagram page to your Facebook page.

Facebook has a great support article on connecting your Instagram account to your Facebook page.

You also need to convert your Instagram to be an Instagram Professional account which is the new term they use for a business or creator account because this now includes SME’s and Creators. It makes sense to convert. In Metigy we just call it Instagram, simple.

To get started on connecting your Instagram you need to be both an administrator of the Instagram account and on the Metigy account, and follow these instructions:

Go to the Brand Management in Metigy (if you are and agency or manage multiple brands, you will need to manually switch between each).

  • Click on Add New
  • Then select Instagram
  • That will trigger a Facebook Connect pop up panel which you need to accept. As mentioned above, this is because you needed to connect your Instagram and Facebook page. 
  • You will be presented with a list of accounts you can connect
  • Select all relevant brand-related profiles and then click Save at the bottom

With Facebook’s upgrade, it means the old Instagram connections you have previously set up will no longer collect data but don’t worry, your old data will still be available! To make sure your old data is not deleted,  Simply leave the old token unchanged. Do not delete the old connection.

If you have any questions on this, please feel free to reach out to us via email or via online chat.