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Report Types

Within the Metigy reporting tools, we allow you to choose from a selection of Report Types. Each is designed to be easy to read and give you insights into your data. They are also designed to be easy to hand out to the appropriate audience. For example, the Graphical overview is an ideal quick handout for group meetings, whereas the Multi-Page table one is perfect for in-depth discussions.

Please note that only the Graph Overview Page is available on the free plan. To access the others, please upgrade your plan.

With all of the report types, they can be edited to include brand colours and logos to personalise them.

Graph Overview Page

The Graph (or graphical) overview page is designed to give you a quick insight into how the whole of your brand performed within the time frame.

This is the default report type for all new users and the one that users on the Free plan get.

The left side of the report shows your top performing post in the last period – e.g. the last month. This includes a highlight and metrics for how the post performed and the average within that time frame.

On the right, there are the page performance highlights and the post-performance highlights, with averages for quick comparison.

Note: Users of the free plan cannot choose which locations are included. The report generated is for all locations that have been set up.

Quick Overview Page [Paid only]

Similar to the Graph Overview Page, it provides slightly more detailed data in tabular form.

The left panel is the same with the top performing post for the most recent period and the right includes post and page performance with averages for comparison.

Detailed Graph Report  and Tabular Report [Paid only]

The detailed graph and tabular reports both extend the Graph Overview page with charts breaking down each platform into more detail and can include:

Page Performance

This data changes according to the page platform but is designed to show you how your fan growth is progressing.

For Facebook, this data is broken down by the total fans, fan growth through paid and unpaid(organic) likes, and can be compared against the unlikes for the period to help you to identify trends in growth and fan churn.

Page Analytics

This information is currently only available on Facebook. It is broken down to include the daily performance metrics for engagement, reach and impressions of a page by user count relative to the number of stories created in that period.

For comparison, the Weekly effectiveness shows you the rate of engagement including the number of stories (likes, shares, etc) created for comparison.


Demographic data highlights where the audience that visits the page lies. The Gender and Age are broken down where possible.

Please note: that this data is only available on Facebook currently.

Post Performance

This page highlights how much the page’s posts were responded to by users. This includes comments and, reactions (likes, etc), and – if you have Metigy URL Tracking on for posts – how many clicked on the URL. This is set against the number of posts created in that period.

Post Reach

The page’s reach reflects the number of users that have seen your post relative to the total number of posts created. This can be organic (the page in the user’s newsfeed), paid (advertising) or viral (the post is seen as a result of users sharing it).


A detailed breakdown of how the posts have performed for the timeframe and includes data on  Impressions, engaged users, post engagement and the story rate.

Post Highlights

Which posts performed the best within the time frame based on their combined metrics and find out which posts got the best results to inspire your content strategy.

Tips on Report Types

If you are unsure about any of the definitions in the report, be sure to check back to the Reporting Analytic and Metric Definitions in support to find out what they mean.

And check back regularly as we continually add more reports to the list.