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Metigy’s Video Creative Services: How to create on-brand videos

Do you want to create video content for your business but don’t have the time or resources? Metigy’s Video Creative Services can help you create multiple high-quality, custom-crafted videos without the in-house costs.

Metigy’s Video Creative Services is the one-stop platform that unlocks access to over 40 video styles covering all of your video needs, ranging from:

  • Social media posts 
  • Ads
  • Business and event presentations
  • Storytelling, and many more.

And the process of creating these is easy! Simply follow the steps in our video guide to learn how:

Navigating from Metigy’s command centre

Hover your mouse over to the toolbar on the left-hand side and click on task creator under creative services. Then, click on video.

Name your project for easy reference.

Choosing your format

A library of options to choose from will appear. Hover your mouse over the formats you are interested in and the tiles will animate to give you a quick preview. 

Select your format and click on start customizing

Selecting your dimensions

Select the format of your video from three dimensions. You can choose more than one:

  1. Wide: Compatible for Youtube, Facebook and Linkedin
  2. Vertical: Compatible for Instagram Stories, Reels and Tiktok
  3. Square: Instagram and Twitter

Click continue.

Customizing your style

An array of styles will pop up to suit the emotions you want your videos to evoke. Our styles include but are not limited to:

  • Smooth, fast and fun
  • Impressive, elegant and traditional
  • Urban, edgy and cheeky
  • Bold, quick and clear
  • Clean, cool and effortless

What’s great about using Metigy’s Video Creative Services is that styles you have chosen before will be remembered and suggested. This will help with a consistent look and feel for your business. 

You can preview a style by hovering over that video frame. After selecting a style click, continue to move to the next step. 

Selecting the duration and inputting text

Adjust the length of your video and add any text you would like to show on the screen. As you select different video links, your text options will change based on your selection. Additionally, the number of shots increases with the length of your video:

  • 6 seconds = 1 shot
  • 15 seconds = 3 shots
  • 30 seconds = 6 shots
  • 45 seconds = 9 shots
  • 60 seconds = 12 shots

Adding your text to your video is optional in this step. Your own personal video editor will take your text and put it in the order shown on screen. 

Then, click continue.

Passing it over to the professionals

Once you have your length selected and added any texts you want, click continue. From here, our editors will add video footage as needed. But if there are any existing photos, videos or audio that you want to include, you can add them!

Easily input your own assets to customize your project here and add any branding, colors, logos, and websites for reference. Once you have uploaded what you need, click continue

Review all of your selections and add any additional notes. Once you are ready, click on send request.

Build videos with ease with Metigy’s Video Creative Services

Want to create seamless, on-brand and on-demand videos for your business but don’t have the skills in-house to make them? Collate all of your business’ video content in one place with Metigy’s Video Creative Services