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Metigy Action Cards Explained

This article covers a breakdown of the decision Action Cards, what they do and how Metigy has designed them to help you with your decision support.

Each of our Action Cards has been crafted to give you simple recommendations and descriptions. And, where useful or applicable, they include the data that was used to create them.

For each card, if you feel any could be improved or more added, let Metigy know. Feedback is what makes that product better, so send it through!

Unused Best Time(s)

Metigy’s AI is continually always looking for best time opportunities and this Action Card is designed to highlight those times. They can be today or tomorrow. The time frame is deliberately kept short to ensure you get the most relevant recommendations.

Unused best social media posting time available - Metigy AI Action Cards

Unused best social media posting time available

However, the Content Curator and Content Planner will also highlight when you should be posting and out to longer time frames.

This information is worked out using a combination of your posting habits, competitor posting habits, analytics and insights. Metigy uses as many data points as possible to make create these recommendation Action Cards.

Not Publishing the Optimal Number of posts

There is such a thing as not posting enough. And that is what this series of Action Cards is designed to help you with. Metigy’s AI will watch the posting habits of your brand and your competitors.

Make sure you post the optimal number of times per day - Metigy AI Action Cards

Metigy AI is working to highlight if you aren’t posting as much as you should, and also highlighting if it thinks you might be better posting as much as a competitor or inspiration brand.

This information is calculated using a number of factors and can be very powerful for organic traffic when combined with the Best Time(s) Action Cards.

Audience Numbers too low

Sometimes, you need to have a certain number of fans/followers for organic reach to start being effective. This is due to how the Social Media Platforms algorithms work. Your post needs a certain amount of views to get the algorithm to kick into gear.

Get more followers to encourage organic growth - Metigy AI Action Cards

Get more followers to encourage organic growth

This is based on research and each platform’s guidelines to ensure you get the right recommendation. And not all platforms are the same, so these Action Cards are customised by platform.

Profile Incomplete

It is good to talk about your brand and show it in it’s best possible light. With this series of Action Cards, Metigy aims to help you put your best foot forward.

Make sure your social media profile is complete - Metigy AI Action Cards

Make sure your social media profile is complete

If anything is missing or too short in your profile, Metigy AI will highlight the issue and suggest what to improve. Be it a longer description or a profile image, the way you present your brand sets the first impression.

Content Quality

The way content is written and can make it sink or swim on each Social Media Platform. Will it get Organic Growth? Will it go Viral? Who knows? Metigy AI does and will do it’s best to help you maximise reach to each platform.

This series of Action Cards look for missed opportunities in your content creation habits. Be it language or missing hashtags, Metigy AI will help you.

It will also check that you are tracking the conversion rate of your content using the Metigy Tracking URL system. You can find out more in our related support article.

There are big plans to further expand these cards to really home in on how your content can be even more tailored to your audience!

What’s next for Action Cards

This is a summary of how the Actions Cards are set up to help you. We hope you have found them useful and we look forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions for new cards!

Metigy has big plans for the Action Cards so keep checking back for new and ever more useful cards!