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Managing Your Competitors

Before you read this article, make sure you have read Understanding Social Network Connect and Tokens as it will help you understand more of what this process gives you.

Competitor pages represent the pages of other rival or ‘of interest’ businesses that you want to monitor. The platform runs reports for dashboards as well as monitoring how their content is performing and picking up anything of interest as part of our MRTcore.

For each platform page, you add, you are permitted to add a number of competitor pages for each of those. So for example on our free plan, with one Facebook Page added, you can add 3 competitor Facebook pages (this is the token reason highlighted above).

If that sounds complicated, don’t worry as we show you how many pages you have available to add to each network.

To get to pages, go to Account Settings, then click the Competitor tab. If you are an Agency or Enterprise user, you may need to select the relevant brand page first.

Your competitor pages list will look something like this:

The icons tell what type of pages they are (in this case Facebook and Twitter). Next to each page is a trashcan to allow you to delete a page.

Adding new competitor Pages

Assuming you haven’t already setup all of your competitor pages, you will be able to click the + ADD NEW button. If you have reached your limit, you will not be able to click on the button.

A panel will slide in from the left and from it you can select the type of page to add. If you do not wish to, simply click the cross above it.

Click on the type of competitor page you want to add.

A new dialogue will appear asking you to enter a search for an account to add. Type in the search and the results found will come back like this:

Once you are finished, hit the ‘SAVE’ button, and your page list will update.

Note: Under each platform, we show how many competitors you have available to add and is based on the number of your own platforms you’ve added. Please read  Understanding Social Network Connect and Tokens if you need more information on why there are limits

Remove a competitor

To remove a competitor, simply click on the trashcan next to the page you want to remove: 

To confirm removing it, click on the green tick:


Note: Once you have removed a page, it will stop showing in your reports.