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Managing Categories

Adding a category to your marketing plan is a great way to help you group together content and find information quickly.

Currently, Categories are available in the content creation panel and hub filtering, so you can quickly add it to posts as you create them. Below is an example of a new post with a category set:

Getting started with Categories

NOTE: You need to be an administrator on the brand to do this. If you are not, you can view the categories, but not make changes.

First, navigate to the brand settings page from the left menu:

From there, click on Customisation and then Categories. This will show you the list of categories created for your brand:

Add a new category

To add a new category, click on the + Add New button. This will load the category Panel:

Enter a name for the category and then click the Add Category button. This will add it to the category list.

Edit Category

If you wish to edit an existing category, click on the edit button next to that category:

This will bring up the same panel as for adding new categories. Make any changes and click Update Category when you are done.

Delete Category

To delete a category, click on the trashcan next to it:

You will be asked to confirm that this is what you wanted to do:

Clicking the green tick (yes) will remove the category permanently.