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Image Editing Tool: How to make your content social media ready

Note: This is a paid plan feature only. If you’re currently using our free plan and would like to start enjoying extra Metigy features, click here to upgrade.

Image editing is often overlooked as an extra step in publishing to social media. BUT it can have a huge influence on how your audience reacts to your brand. 

Metigy offers an in-app image editing tool allowing you to customize each image per platform and for brand consistency. 

You can upload your images, edit them, and post them all within a few steps. 

Let’s explore the image editor and help you create content you can be proud to publish:

Starting from your command center, head to the menu on the left-hand side and scroll to Content Creator

Metigy’s Content Creator allows you to create and edit social media posts for all your connected pages.


Using your own image or Metigy’s image library

To edit your first image, click on add media.

Next, upload your image and click add and confirm selection.

[Screenshot – upload process]

Using your own photos and content will help show your audience who you are and why they should engage with you. 

However, If you don’t have any of your own photos to share, you can search for images using Metigy’s image library. 

To use Metigy’s media library, from the Content Creator click on Media Library.

Once in the media library, you can search millions of images and find the right one for you and your brand.

Once you have an image selected, click on confirm selection.

Now you are ready to edit your image and make it your own style!


Editing your image

To edit your image, hover on the image and click on the pencil icon that appears. 

This will load the image editor. Once there you can fine-tune your image with filters and detailed edits. Our biggest advice for you? Play around with each tool in the image editor to get a feel of how it transforms or adjusts your image. This is the best way to find your style of editing that suits your brand.

Let’s take some time to explore the various tools you can use to edit your images:

  • Transform: Cropping, flipping, and rotation options.
  • Filters: More than 60 filters can be applied to edits at the click of a button. These filters are broken out by category for you to find the best one, so we recommend having a play around.
  • Adjustments:
    • Basic Brightness: The overall light in the photo. This slider will make the photo lighter or darker. 
    • Contrast: The difference between the darkest and lightest parts of your photo. You can increase this difference by increasing the contrast value. Or you can decrease the difference by decreasing the contrast value.
    • Saturation: The intensity of a color in your photo. Increase this slider to make the colors more intense. Decrease to make them less intense.
    • Gama: The redistribution of tones in the image for more accuracy of color in the mid-tones. 
    • Clarity: Clarity is like sharpening, however, it only affects the mid-tones of your image. It is a local contrast increase between the lights and darks in the mid-tones.
    • Shadows: This tool will affect the darkest parts of your photo. Lower it to make those darker spots darker and increase it to make those parts brighter.
    • Highlights: This tool will affect the brightest parts of your photo. Lower it to make those bright parts darker and increase it to make those parts brighter.
    • Exposure: The overall light in the photo. This slider will make the photo lighter or darker. 
    • Blacks: This slider controls the darker parts of the image, increasing this slider increases the brightness of the darkest parts of the photo, and decreasing it makes those darkest parts of the photo darker.
    • Whites: This slider controls the brightest parts of the image, increasing this slider increases the brightness of the brightest parts of the photo, and decreasing it makes those brightest parts of the photo darker.
    • Temperature: This slider makes the image warmer or cooler in hue. Increasing the temperature slider will make the image warmer and more yellow/orange. Decreasing the slider will make the image cooler and more blue/purple.
    • Sharpness: Sharpening enhances the definition of the edges in an image.
  • Focus:
    • Radial Blur: Allows you to pick a center circle of focus.
    • Mirrored Blur: Allows you to pick a line of focus for your photo.
    • Linear Blur: Focus will gradually increase following the line drawn.
    • Gaussian Blur: Will blur the entire image
  • Frames: Add frames over your images. You can also adjust the style of the selected frame.
  • Overlays: Add effects over your image.
  • Text: Quickly add text to your images.
  • Text Design: Add special text designs to your images that you can customize.
  • Stickers: add stickers/emoticons/shapes to your image.
  • Brush: Add brush strokes that can be edited in terms of thickness and color. 


Customize your post for each social media platform

Metigy allows you to customize the edit on your images for a specific social media platform. 

For example, Instagram has parameters for the size ratio for photos posted on the platform. In Metigy’s app, you can customize the size and edit of that image for a specific social media platform. 

Here’s how to get your images right for each channel: 

After uploading and editing your image in the Content Creator, click on Customize in the upper-right corner of that social platform.

This will bring up an editor for that page’s post. 

To edit the image for that platform click on the pencil icon and make the changes you need to fit that platform’s requirements. In our example, Instagram requires more of a square image. So we will crop our image for Instagram down to a square using this process. 

Please note this process will only change your edits for that particular platform. But the good news is that you can make these customized edits all on one screen and with just a few clicks. 

Image editing consistency to support your brand

You might be asking, “Well why do I need to be editing my photos for my marketing?” 

The answer is simple: consistency in your images gives your audience a more central idea of your business and what your business has to offer. Having a similar look and feel across all of your content can increase your engagement and, more importantly, reach the correct audience.

If you have any questions or need help with Metigy’s Image Editor, please feel free to reach out to us via email or via online chat in our app.

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