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How to Opt-in to a post

This support article is written to help you in reviewing and opting into post created by administrators. It shows you the notification methods, ways to review and how to opt-in.

What do you mean by Opt-In

For a piece of opt-in content, there are 3 states:

  • Needs review – this is the default state that is used before you have confirmed what you would like to do. We use this to help us know if we should keep informing you about it.
  • Opted in – You like the content, and it will be published to your location(s) at the time designated time once it is marked as ready. Read more about the Content Status in Metigy.
  • Opted out – You are not interested in the content.

Anywhere you can control the opt-in state, you will see a toggle switch with the 3 positions.

Toggle Switch Opt-In switch

Toggling that button will immediately change the opt-in state of the piece of content. The toggle will be available until the post is published. See the FAQs at the end for more information.

And if you want to customise it, you can read about how in the customise an opt-in post below.

Please note that you cannot put a piece of content back into “needs review”. This is a private system only setting.

How you will be notified

Metigy likes to not bombard you with notifications, but we obviously need to make sure you are aware of content posting opportunities.

With that in mind, we will attempt to draw your attention to it in 3 different ways.


This is the first method. You will receive an email from Metigy alerting you to a new piece of content being available for you to review. In the email, we show you an outline of the posting location(s), date, type, content and images or links included in the post.

Then, at the end is a button which will take you into the Content Curator on Metigy to confirm if you want to opt-in or not.

Metigy Opt-In email

Action card

Metigy uses Action Cards as a way to help you make decisions. For opt-in posts, we will create a card telling you that there is a post to review:

Opt-in Action Card collapsed

From the card you can do one of two things:

  • +Quick Review – This allows you to expand the card, quickly review the content and then choose to opt in-or-out right there in the card quickly. See the Action Card Quick Review below.
  • Full Review – Clicking on this will take you to the Content Curator which has the advantage of showing the content as it would appear live.

Calendar Highlight

This is the most subtle way that Metigy highlights an opt-in post. In the calendar, it shows as a piece of content with an outline that means the following:

The states of opt-in posts in the Content Curator are these:

3 statuses of a Metigy Opt-In content post

3 statuses of a Metigy Opt-In content post

  • Needs Review – This post can be opted into. This is the default state and the user cannot reset it to this.
  • Opted-In – The franchise wants to be included and the post will be published to their page.
  • Opted-Out – The franchise has opted out.

Franchises can change this at any time.

Mousing over the piece of content will bring up the Preview where you can quickly opt-in.

How to review an opt-in Post

Because your time is limited, we provide the opt-in functionality in 3 distinct places. The first two provide a quick preview and action. The 3rd lets you see more detail about the content, including a preview of how it might look in the live location.

Quick review Planner Review

This is the first preview you see in the content planner. It shows you the content of the post and the location(s) it will post to. You can use the opt-in switch at the top of the preview to quickly action this item.

Opt-In calendar preview

Please note that this is just showing you the content and not how it will look when it is published.

Action Card Quick Review

Within the action card, if you’ve clicked +Quick Review you will see the content of the post, along with when it will be posted, to which locations and what type of content it is.

Opt In Action Card Full

If you are happy with the content of the post and how it looks, you can use the opt-in switch at the end of the card. This change is saved instantly.

Please note that this is just showing you the content and not how it will look when it is published.

Full Content Preview within the Content Curator

The full content preview is shown with the Content Curator (find out more about creating your own content). You can access this by clicking on the pencil in the Content Calendar Preview:

Edit a post button

Edit a post button

Every location you have access to is previewed on the right with an approximation of how it will look and behave when they are published. This includes displaying links, images and videos.

If you are happy with the content of the post and how it looks, you can use the opt-in switch in the footer of the editor. This change is saved instantly.

Opt in from Metigy Content Curator

Please note that you cannot make changes to the content yourself. See the FAQ answer below.

How to Customise an Opt-in Post

Because of the way Franchises are run, you can adjust the posts that you want to opt into once they have been approved. Due to managing content and approval flows, you cannot customise before then.

The reasons you might want to customise a post for your franchise are perhaps to add a specific link to your website. Or use a slightly different image of a product that shows your store perhaps.

To customise the post, go into the Content Curator and next to each location, there is a customise button:

Customize a content post

Customize a content post

When you click that, the customise panel opens. You can read more about How To Customise a post. The main difference is that when you Save that will instantly update your version of the post. If you want to undo your changes at any point, his the Reset button.


Can I change my mind about opting in or out?

Yes! You can change your mind at any time before the post is published. Once it’s published though, you cannot change your mind. For more information on content states, read our Content Status support article.

Can we make changes to what gets published?

Yes! Read the section above about how to customise.

Can we give feedback to the Content Creator?

You can email the brand manager and ask for content to be modified. It will be up to them to decide whether or not to implement the suggested change.

Can we make our own content?

Absolutely! As a user of Metigy, you will get access to the Content Curator which will allow you to create and post content to your page(s). Check out the Getting to Know the Content Curator support article for more information.

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