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How to Create Facebook Ad Audiences in Business Manager

Setting up Facebook Ad Audiences allows you to define and refine your audiences. Then continually re-use them an improve them.

Metigy current uses the audiences you define within Facebook when you Boost your Facebook Posts. You can read about boosting posts in our Facebook and Instagram Boosted Social Media Post.

Getting Started

Everything you need to do to set this up is handled by Facebook’s Business Manager tools. We’ll be covering more about the Business manager soon, but if you haven’t yet set it up, a link follows. Needless to say, we highly recommend it.

But, if you don’t have a Business Manager account setup, you can do most of this through your Facebook Page’s settings.

You will find it in the page’s opt menu under Manage Ads > Audiences. The steps are not exactly the same, but the core concepts are.

Creating a Facebook Ad Audience

First, go to the Facebook Business Manager.

Then top “hamburger” menu > Assets > Audiences.

Access Facebook Business Manager Audiences

Access Facebook Business Manager Audiences

Give the audience a meaningful name. For example “Sydney Startups aged 30 to 50”. This way I can clearly identify that audience in the booking interface.


Select the gender if you want to, and then the age range. In this example, I’m using the age low of 30 and a high of 50.


For the location, there you can literally choose from anywhere in the world that Facebook is – bare in mind, some countries like China don’t have it. You can drill all the way down to a city/town if you want to.

Here at Metigy, we usually choose to target countries unless we are doing very specific promotions. And, remember you can have more that one location. e.g. target Australia, US and UK.

But, if you want, you can even say things like Europe. Just remember, the broader you make it, the less targeted it is.

Detailed Targeting

This is where it gets a little more detailed – as the name implies. Facebook gives you a wealth of targeting options which really shows the understanding they have of their users.

Detailed Targeting is broken down into 3 main categories:

  • Demographics – This includes things like their job, education, even their relationship status.
  • Interests – What kind of things they like. e.g. watch movies, what fashion you like, business interests, etc.
  • Behaviours – This is all about what and how they do things. For example do they play video games, use a mobile phone or are an active shopper.

This is where you need to know your audience well. But again, you can specify several targets to make sure you aren’t keeping it too niche.


This is where you decide if you want to target fans or followers of your page. Friends of fans of your page. People who like your App if you have one. Those that have responded – or not responded – to events you are hosting.

That gives you a really good way to make use of emotional connections. We cover the use of emotional connections in our Metigy IQ article Using Facebook Audiences for Ad Targeting.

What next?

Once you’ve done all that save it and the then come back to Metigy. Now try boosting one of your Metigy Created posts. You’ll find your new audience available in your targeting options.

You can create new audiences based on existing Facebook Ad Audiences you’ve created. Try refining it and there are tips in our related IQ article on A/B testing your audiences.

Let us know what you think of this article and if we’ve missed any details you’d like to know.

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