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Content Planner : Week view

The Content Planner week view is designed to be familiar to anyone that has used a calendar interface. We have highlighted the main elements to help you understand what is happening and how it all works.

  1. The current week period you are looking at. Note: Metigy weeks are Sunday to Saturday, but this may be customizable in the future if enough customers ask for it.
  2. The left and right arrows either side of the month allow you to quickly skip backwards and forwards a week.
  3. The Week and Month buttons show you which view you are looking at, and allow you to switch between them.
  4. A day includes the items posted for that particular day as explained in the getting started guide.
  5. For each day that has an item, the count shows at the top of the column to help you easily find items that are not visible on the screen.
  6. The predicted percentage of engagement you will get on a particular day of the week. In this example, the audience tends to engage on Tuesdays the most
  7. Colour blocks on each day highlight the predicted times you get the best engagement, with the brightest being the most popular.

Note: The predicted times and days are calculated as a guideline. You can also the filter highlights by platform. E.G. Show me the predicted best time for Facebook.

And don't be afraid to boost a post at the predicted best time to maximise engagement.

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