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Create your first piece of content


The first step is to decide what type of content you want to create:

  • Simple post is used for tweets, Facebook posts, etc.
  • Bundled post is sued for WeChat 'Bundles' (or multi-page post)


Once you have decided on the type of post to create, you need to choose where you want to publish your content to. This list is populated from the pages you have added to your account. As you add them, they are moved to the selected list below.

This list changes according to the post type to show each location that supports the chosen format.

To add a location, simple click on it's name. If you wish to remove one you've accidently added, click on the trash can icon next to it in the selected list.

Once you are done selecting your pages, click CONTINUE.


This is where you will define the content of your post. If you are creating a post, click CREATE POST to continue.

The content piece is made up of the following:

Image Source

  • UPLOAD AN IMAGE - allows you to upload a custom image from your computer
  • IMPORT FROM URL - Enter the web url of an image
  • NOTE: You can skip this step if you plan to add a URL as our scrappers will attempt to find images in the page for you to select from


  • This is the body of your copy. If you have selected a Twitter location, the count available will appear below the copy box to let you know how many characters you have left.
  • NOTE: If you add a url, this is counted towards the 140 character limit


  • This is a the link you want the post to click through to. Once you have added it, our scrapper will try to gather a TITLE, DESCRIPTION and CAPTION from it.
  • NOTE: We do our best to get the copy from those pages but you may want or need the copy we find due to limits in the page's content tags

Once you are done entering your content, click CONTINUE.


If you have selected more than one location, we give you the option to override settings for each location. This is useful if you want to adjust the body to fit into Twitter's limits or perhaps to customise the platform copy to reflect a platform specific offer.

To add a customisation, click ADD and select the network you want to adjust. For each network you can adjust the TITLE, COPY or URL. Once you are done customising each network, click SAVE CUSTOMISATION.

If you wish to remove a customisation, click on the trash can icon.

Once you have finished, click CONTINUE.


Next, you can specify the time you wish to publish the content. You can set the date and time using the drop downs or type it in.

The default is the next 30 minute slot.

Once you are done, click CONTINUE.


For each location you have chosen, a preview is available of it as close as possible to each network as possible.

If you are not happy with any of the platforms or the whole content, you can click back to the CONTENT DETAILS or CUSTOMISATIONS

Once you are done, click CREATE CONTENT at the end of the page.

You post will then appear on the calendar on the day you specified.

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Gregory Brine
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Greg has a passion for what AI and Deep Learning can bring to the MarTech stack and how small and medium businesses can benefit from these new technologies. He has over 20 years experience as an engineer and product developer, having worked for significant global marketing agencies, Razorfish and We Are Social.