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How do you optimize or customize content for different profiles, when creating a content item destined for multiple social platforms?

In line with our goal of creating technology that saves time, while also making it easier to reach more customers, we have made it really easy to create a single piece of content, and publish it to multiple platforms. The really good news, you can still customize it to suit the specific parameters of the platform, during creation.

For example, the format of text and image for Facebook, is very different to Twitter, which has a character limit and different image sizes. You may be used to your publishing platform expecting you to compromise on the customization, or publish individual content items. This is a compromise on publishing natively, which seems pointless right!

On scrmhub, you don't need to compromise.

Once you have decided to create a piece of content, you can also decide to publish to multiple channels simultaneously. Once you have added all the platforms you want to publish to, which is step 2 in the content creation process, and then added your main image, copy and link at step 3, then step 4 allows you to customize all these elements to suit the platform.

In the diagram below, we have chosen to customize for Twitter, by clicking "Customisations" and then clicking on the "Twitter" icon. As explained above, you would do this because Twitter allows a larger image size but only 140 characters, which means our copy and image may need to be quite different to the copy length and image sized used on Facebook and LinkedIn, for examples.

In the image below, we have changed the Twitter image for a larger allowable image size, and edited our copy down to the 140 character limit.

The green ticks indicate we have successfully saved edits for both of these elements, specifically for Twitter.

We can repeat the process for each platform. If you don't, then scrmhub optimizes your original version, to suit each platform, and the customization is only necessary if you want to be specific.

TIP: aside from the time saving and potential extension to a broader audience, scrmhub, in this way, can track how well that individual message works across all the platforms you publish it to. Doing that manually is quite time consuming, but scrmhub takes care of all the hard work for you, by consolidation and showing the total engagement, across all platforms, in one place. Just roll over each piece of content in the hover state on The Hub, and you will see total engagement in the bottom of the panel.

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