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Can I preview my content before it goes live?

Yes, you can see exactly what your content will look like for each platform, before it goes live.

While you are creating content, the last step in the creation process, allows you to preview the content, for each platform, before publishing. In the image below, we have clicked on the Facebook preview button, and the preview panel has slid out from behind the creation panel.

You can also review content and use the preview mode, for live content or content awaiting approval. Just click the edit option in the content modal window and it launches the creation panel, and then select the last option, Preview, as above.

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Johnson Lin
Partnerships Director & Co-Founder

Johnson has 20 years senior engineering experience including a significant background in projects driving integration with 3rd parties and the management of teams to bring these projects to successful outcomes. His specific interest and experience in content management, developed in a large data VOD environment, has also helped in guiding us with content management and analysis, which set Metigy up to tackle many of our content related AI challenges.