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Supported Preview Video Formats

When a video is uploaded, Metigy provides a preview of as many video formats as possible. Unfortunately, some formats, or some versions of formats, are not supported natively in the browser.

The reason for this is that we do not convert your files. We let the end platform - e.g. YouTube - handle the encoding. As that has not happened yet, playback might not be possible in the browser.

Support Video Formats for Browser Playback

The latest internet browsers will support the following formats for native playback:

  • .WebM (Vorbis encoded)
  • .WebM (Opus encoded)
  • .Ogg (Vorbis encoded)
  • .Ogg (Theora encoded)
  • .MP4 (H.264 encoded)
  • .AAC (H.264 encoded)
  • .MP4 (FLAC encoded)

What can I do to convert them?

There are a lot of free tools that can convert videos between formats. One popular example that's easy to use is called Handbrake, as well as built-in applications like Quicktime on Apple computers.

You just need to find one that works for you.

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