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How to add an Emoji to your Social Post

You can add an Emoji to any of your scheduled content from within the Metigy Content Curator. Emojis are a really easy way to make your content stand out and add some emotion to your content ?.

As you can see in that sentence, that one smiling Emoji has really lifted that paragraph and made it stand out.

How to add an Emoji

Adding emojis to your content is as simple as clicking on a smiley face. Literally.

Either create a new piece of content or Edit an existing one with the Metigy Content Planner. Once the Content Curator has loaded,  you will see a smiley face in the lower right corner of the Text Box right next to our hashtag picker.

How to add an emoji to your social content postHow to add an emoji to your social content post

First, click into the text box, then click on the happy face. A menu will appear that looks very similar to the one you will find on most modern phones.

To insert an Emoji, either scroll through the list or type a search into the box. Once you have found the symbol you want, click on it. That emoji is then added into the text at the position the cursor was.

Once you have finished, either click back in the text box or click on the smiley face to close the selector.

Tips on Responsible Emoji use

Like a lot of things, it is often tempting to overuse something because it looks pretty. That's fine in some situations. But, as always, be mindful of your audience and the nature of your content.

Also, they work on most devices now, but there are still instances where they can be a problem on older networks.

We hope you enjoy using this content creation feature! And let us know if you have any suggestions or improvements for it!

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