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Finding the Right Hashtag for you Content [BETA]

Metigy comes with an AI Powered Hashtag generator that will help you discover new tags. This includes Trending Hashtags, suggested tags based on your content, and an auto-hashtag feature.

This is currently in closed Beta with a select number of customers, but if you're interested in access, please contact support and outline how you will be using it.

Using the Hashtag generator

Adding hashtags to your content is as simple as clicking on a hash and deciding what you want to do.

Either create a new piece of content or Edit an existing one with the Metigy Content Planner. Once the Content Curator has loaded,  you will see a Hash # in the lower right corner of the Text Box next to our Emoji launcher.

Open the Metigy Hashtag pickerOpen the Metigy Hashtag picker

This will make a bar slide out:

Choose what Hashtag help you'd likeThat will give you 3 options:

  • Auto Hashtag: Our AI will look at your content and automatically add relevant tags to it. Don't worry, we have a 'revert' button if you don't like the suggestions.
  • Suggested Hashtags: Like the Auto Hashtag feature, the Metigy AI will look at your content and then suggest some tags to use
  • Trending Hashtags: This looks at Twitter and lets you know what the current trending tags are globally.

Clicking on one of those options will open a menu with a list of tags in it. To use one, simply click on it:

Choose one of the hashtags our AI has found

The tags are also colour coded to show brightness. The brighter they are, the better they are. However, if they are red, it means they are an overused tag and should be avoided unless you are certain your content can stand out. This applies for the both the Suggested and Trending menus.

With the Auto-tagging feature, simply write your content, and then once you are happy with it, click the Auto button and our AI will fill in any tags it finds that are relevant. If you are unhappy with the suggestions, you can click on the 'Revert' button that appears next to the Auto button.

Example of Auto-Hashtag in actionExample of Auto-Tagging in action

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