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Find out how to use and get the most from creating content with the Metigy Content Curator. We'll share tutorials as well as tips and tricks to help you get the most from it.

Content Curator [BETA] Articles

Gregory Brine

Customize the post for each platform

The Metigy Content Curator gives you the freedom to customize how a post will look for each platform. This includes changes to copy, images and links

14th December 2017 by Gregory Brine
Gregory Brine

What are URLs?

Get more from your content by using Metigy's URLs. Understand and activate your audience through our detailed reporting and insights.

14th December 2017 by Gregory Brine
Gregory Brine

Getting to Know the Content Curator

The new Content Curator is a completely redesigned editor designed to let you focus on creating content instead of configuring it.

12th December 2017 by Gregory Brine