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Reporting Homepage

The first page of reporting shows you a list of any existing reports. From here you can work with existing reports or add a new one.

Note: If you are on the free plan, you will not see this page, but go straight into your overview.

The Reporting list

This is a view of every report you have created, or has been shared with you.

The Metigy Reporting list

  • '+' (top right) is for creating a new report
  • Report Name : The title assigned in the editor
  • Date Range : What time frame the report applies to
  • View : Look at the report in the browser
  • Print : This will trigger your browser's print verison
  • Download : Generate and download a PDF of the report
  • Share : Invite other users to view and edit the report
  • Delete : Delete the report. Note: This will remove it for all users


  • Make the report names meaningful for you. For example if it includes only Facebook pages and is the overview only, call it "All Facebook Pages Overview"
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