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Understand how Metigy's reporting module works and understand the definitions used.

Reporting Articles

Gregory Brine

Why is there missing data in reports and when will it be there?

There are a number of reasons why data might be missing from a report. With any detailed form of reporting, be it for Social Media or Marketing Spend is built on large amounts of data over a range of time. This article looks at the causes of missing data

05th February 2018 by Gregory Brine
Gregory Brine

Report Types

There are several types of reports for you to choose from a selection of predefined reports and each is designed to be easy to read and give you insights into your data.

23rd January 2018 by Gregory Brine
Gregory Brine

Report Date Range

Metigy Report Dates are broken down in two ways. Find out how to specify the date period covered by the report and the exact start and end dates. Please note that some of these settings are only available on Paid Plans.

23rd January 2018 by Gregory Brine
Gregory Brine

Choosing Locations

The Metigy location picker is designed to make choosing locations for your reports simple and quick, allowing you to combine your brand pages with your competitors for easy comparisons and insights.

23rd January 2018 by Gregory Brine
David Watson

Creating a new report

Learn how to create reports with custom time frames and design settings to dive into your data.

23rd October 2017 by David Watson
Gregory Brine

Reporting Homepage

The reporting list is a view of every report you have created, or has been shared with you.

23rd October 2017 by Gregory Brine
Gregory Brine

Reporting Analytic and Metric Definitions

Core definitions and meanings of analytics and metrics used on the Metigy marketing platform

28th September 2017 by Gregory Brine