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Dashboard Homepage

Dashboard Homepage List

The dashboard homepage lists all of the dashboards you have access to, either created by you or shared with you.

  1. List of dashboards you have access to
  2. Create a new dashboard by clicking on the '+'
  3. Search - Quickly find dashboards you've created

Managing Existing Dashboards

  • VIEW: Go and view the Dashboard's widgets
  • EDIT: Edit the name of a dashboard and find the owner/creator
  • SHARE: Share this dashboard with other users
  • DELETE: Delete this dashboard

NOTE: If you delete a dashboard, it is permanent and no-one it is shared with will be able to view it.

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Gregory Brine
CPO & Co-Founder

Greg has a passion for what AI and Deep Learning can bring to the MarTech stack and how small and medium businesses can benefit from these new technologies. He has over 20 years experience as an engineer and product developer, having worked for significant global marketing agencies, Razorfish and We Are Social.