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A range of helpful articles to guide you in using the Metigy Analysis and Reporting tools. This section includes the user definable dashboards and our newly released monthly reporting tool

Dashboards Articles

Gregory Brine

Widget types

18th July 2017 by Gregory Brine
Gregory Brine

Automatically generate starter dashboards

Dashboards can be complicated to setup the first time, so we decided to tackle this by giving you a way to get started quickly

18th July 2017 by Gregory Brine

Reporting Articles

David Watson

Creating a new report

Learn how to create reports with custom time frames and design settings to dive into your data.

23rd October 2017 by David Watson
Gregory Brine

Reporting Homepage

The reporting list is a view of every report you have created, or has been shared with you.

23rd October 2017 by Gregory Brine
Gregory Brine

Report and Analytic Metric Definitions

Core definitions and meanings of analytics and metrics used on the Metigy marketing platform

28th September 2017 by Gregory Brine

MRT Articles

Gregory Brine

Getting Started with MRT

A quick overview of what MRT is and how it works to help you to never miss another marketing opportunity

18th July 2017 by Gregory Brine