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Facebook and Social API token request limits

When you get this error trying to publish a piece of content, it is due to API limits for that particular platform being reached. This is a bigger issues with how Facebook Token limits are calculated.

Each platform type, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have their own rules of how many API calls each page is allowed to make within a certain period of time.

Facebook for example, will use the page's number of engaged-users from the last 24-hour period and imply a limit on how many API calls our service can make. If your page's overall engagement is low - say 1 or 2 people - Facebook would restrict the number of requests we are allowed to make based on that.

Preventing Rate Limits

You can reduce this kind of error by following a couple of rules:

  • Increase engaged users by inviting fans to follow the page and like, comment, or share the page's content regularly.
  • We can try to pre-schedule the content, so it gets published ahead of time before any limits affect the page.

This is a limitation we try to work around and handle as well as possible.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss about this.

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Johnson Lin
Partnerships Director & Co-Founder

Johnson has 20 years senior engineering experience including a significant background in projects driving integration with 3rd parties and the management of teams to bring these projects to successful outcomes. His specific interest and experience in content management, developed in a large data VOD environment, has also helped in guiding us with content management and analysis, which set Metigy up to tackle many of our content related AI challenges.