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The Metigy team regularly update the FAQ section with answers to all questions we most frequently get asked, so this is a great place to find important tips and information

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Gregory Brine

What are Tracking URLs?

Get more from your content by using Tracking URLs to understand the conversion rate of content. Activate your audience through our detailed reporting and insights.

29th January 2018 by Gregory Brine
Gregory Brine

What does "Scheduled post limit" mean?

Understand what "Scheduled Post Limits" are and how they differ for each plan.

06th October 2017 by Gregory Brine
Johnson Lin

Facebook and Social API token request limits

In this article we explain what the Facebook Token limit reached error means and what you can do to stop it affecting your Facebook pages

17th August 2017 by Johnson Lin
Gregory Brine

Social Media Definitions

Marketing has a lot of platform definitions and this support article explains the meaning of terms used on the Metigy AI Tailored Marketing platform.

18th July 2017 by Gregory Brine