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Getting to Know the Metigy Command Centre

The Metigy Command Centre is where your Metigy Experience begins. It is designed to be at the heart of your marketing function providing actionable insights, content program recommendations and KPI Tracking.

Let's Have a Look at the Command Centre Panels

The Command Centre is built around a series of panels that each cover an area of your marketing stack and is designed to tie into a particular part of Metigy's toolset.

Let's walk through them, starting from the top left and working down the columns.

User Profile

This card is all about you. Here we provide messages and information such as when you last logged in.

Coming soon: Personalised recommendations.

Content Planning

Get a snapshot of how your content program is tracking. See the days where you have optimised your content program and where there's more opportunity.

Metigy Command Centre - Content Planning panelMetigy Command Centre - Content Planning panel

And for convenience, get a quick glance at how where your content is up to. See how many items you need to take action on, what's in progress and what is going live.

Content Creation

To help you stay on top of your content creation, this panel highlights any opportunities you have to maximise your posting efficiency.

Metigy Command Centre - Content Creation panelMetigy Command Centre - Content Creation panel

The interface will highlight if there is a time the Metigy AI has identified as optimal for organic posting. This will help you maximise the chances of your post achieving maximum organic reach!

Metigy IQ Learning Tips

Metigy Command Centre - Achievement and Milestones panelMetigy Command Centre - Achievement and Milestones panel

See what the latest advice, tips and news are from the Metigy IQ Learning program. You can find out more about the how Metigy IQ can help you on the IQ Website.

My Brand

Metigy Command Centre - My Brand Manager PanelMetigy Command Centre - My Brand Manager Panel

Quick access to your connected pages and some advice on additional items to optimise your profile.  Metigy's AI will highlight anything you can do to optimise your account.

Stay tuned for our upcoming team collaboration tools!

Onward and Upwards

Metigy Command Centre Achievements and Milestones

We all like to feel like we're making progress and things are happening. And that's exactly what Onward and Upwards will tell you. We have created achievements and milestones to highlight your progress. We break these down as:

  • Achievements are the ongoing, repeatable things you get such as achieving a certain amount of comment growth per month.
  • Milestones are exactly that. Those big targets that you will probably only hit once. Such as hitting 100k page followers for example.

Insights and Analytics

Get a peek into your important metrics and discover if there are hidden insights in your data. Metigy's AI continually analyses your data looking for patterns and identifying trends that highlight performance.

Metigy Command Centre - Insights and Analytics panel

Our machine learning is continually adding new insights, so you'll keep seeing new information.

Inspiration Palette

We provide a curated list of inspiration content from around the web to help inspire you. The content comes from a variety of sources on always changing topics.

If you'd like to contribute to this, please contact us through our discussion panel.

Brand Switcher

Metigy Brand SwitcherMetigy Brand Switcher

If you are part of a team or work on multiple accounts, you will be able to quickly change between those brands. We have designed the brand switcher to be as easy as possible for you to use.

And if you don't have this, but are interested in having multiple brands setup, please contact us! You can do so through the live chat system.

Action Panel

Metigy Command Centre - Action panelMetigy Command Centre - Action panel

We describe this as a continual stream of suggestions and ideas to help you decide what to do next. This is delivered in the form of "Action Cards" that suggest what you should do and why you should do it.

Find out more in our Action Cards Explained article.

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