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Manage your pages

We describe pages as referring to a page or account on a social network that you manage - this means you have full access to manage content or settings for that page. An example is a Facebook page for your business or your business' Twitter profile.

Before you read this article, make sure you have read Understanding Social Network Connect and Tokens as it will help you understand more of what this process gives you.

To get to them, go to Account Settings, then click the Pages tab.

Your list will look something like this:

The icons tell what type of pages they are (in this case Facebook and Twitter). Next to each page is a green tick

which indicates that each page is set up and has a valid token (see our tokens explained section for more on this).

Adding new pages

Assuming you haven't already setup all of your pages, you will be able to click the + ADD NEW button. If you have reached your limit, you will not be able to click on the button.

A panel will slide in from the left and from it, you can select the type of page to add. If you do not wish to, simply click the cross above it.

When you click on a network, it will trigger a popup to load. This is because we have to go to the relevant network and have you authorize Metigy to access that page.

Once you complete that, the popup will close, and for networks that support only 1 account (e.g. Twitter), the page will have been added.

For more complex ones such as Facebook and LinkedIn, the panel will update to list the pages you manage. You can then select the one you want to use.

Once you are finished, hit the 'SAVE' button, and your page list will update.

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