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How to define your Brand Category

One of our suggested marketing actions for your brand is that you define your Brand Category/Industry. What this is asking you to do is tell us a little bit more about your business to help feed our Marketing Recommendation engine. This means that the actions you get can be a little more tailored to your needs.

How to define your Brand Category

This is set up under your brand management page. Now, this is slightly different depending on the plan you have.

For those on the single company plans - free, professional and team - go to the SMB management page.

If you are on one of our Enterprise plans, you will need to go to the Brand Selection page. Then, click on the cog next to the brand you wish to manage:

Metigy Enterprise client Brand ChooserMetigy Enterprise client Brand Chooser

Once you are into the brand, you can choose the Category/Industry that is most applicable:

How to define your Brand CategoryHow to define your Brand Category

Once you change it, it automatically saves to your account.

If you feel there is a category mission, please notify us using Intercom in the lower right or email support at

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