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Google Ads Quick and Easy Getting Started Guide

This is a quick start guide to get SME businesses going with creating Google Ads using Metigy and supported by our AI Decision support technology.

Metigy is designed to make marketing easy and this goes to how we’ve built our interface for Ad management.

Create a Google Ads Account

If you don’t have a Google Ads Account:

  • You will need to sign up to Google Ads if you don’t already have an account
    • Tip: If you search in Google for “Google Ads Promo Code” the first link is usually for a voucher from Google (varies by country).
    • Enter your email and they will send you a code.
  • Go to Google Ads
  • Click Sign In in the top right
  • Google through the Google Connect flow
  • When you see a page asking you for objectives, click “Switch to Expert Mode”
  • On the next screen click the text link “create without an objective” just below the objective list (this way you can skip a lot of set up).
  • Once you’re finally in…
  • At the top of the screen, click “tools and settings” at the top
    • Then billing settings
    • Enter your credit card details
  • Save that and you’re good to go 

Create a Metigy Account

If you don’t have a Metigy account, sign up to Metigy:

Setup your first Google Ad

Create your first add and connect you Google Ad Account to Metigy

Those will talk you through connecting to Metigy and creating your first Google Ad.

If we missed any information, let us know using the Intercom icon in the lower right.

Happy marketing!