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Getting to Know the Content Curator

The Metigy Content Curator is a totally redesigned editor designed to let you focus on creating content instead of configuring it. In it you will find all of the tools you need for to create and publish content.

It has been created to replace our existing editor and let you create content the way you want to do it. We don’t force you to work in a particular way, but instead let you choose if you ‘re going to write, pick locations or set the details first.

And with the Palette, there are lots of new features coming very soon, including an updated inspiration panel and content performance metrics to find out how you performed in detail.

Content Curator interface

1. Header

1a Previous Editor
The interface doesn’t quite have everything in place yet so you can go back to the old Content Creator at any time.

1b Help
Click to read the Content Curator support articles that will help you get the most from the Content curator tool.

1c Close
Click to close the editor and return to the Content Planner.

2. Content Panel

2a Metigy Inspiration AI Panel
If you need some inspiration to get going on creating your next content piece, the inspiration panel tells you what the latest trending topics on the internet are. Click on any of them to begin exploring.

2b Add your text
Enter the message you wish to post. It can include text and links. If you enter an url, the Content Curator will automatically pick up. Please note that

2c URL Manager
The URL Manager in the Content Curator allows you to preview the link you have added and decide if you want to use the Metigy Tracking links.

2d Add Images and Videos
You can add video or images just by dragging them into this panel, or by entering the URL of an image you’d like to use. If you’d prefer to choose an image from the Media Library, click on the Open Media Library button underneath.

3. The Palette

Tools to enhance and manage your content as well as track performance and get recommendations.

3a Metigy welcome panel
When you start creating a new piece of content, you are presented with the Metigy onboarding panel. We try to keep this updated with useful links, tips and how to’s.

3b Choosing Location and Content Preview Panel
Select the platforms you want to publish to, and the preview for each will appear here. For each page, you can also click on the cog icon in the top right to customize for that specific page. Please note: if a page is customized, changes to the main content won’t be reflected unless you reset the customization from within the customization modal. You can also customize the post for each platform from within the preview panel.

3c Media Library
With the Media Library, you can choose images from selected stock libraries. Currently the platform support Unsplash and Giphy, but more will be coming in the future.

4 Footer

Fine-tune the details of your post.

4a Status
Which stage of the publishing process is the content up to? You can read more about this in support article Content Status and Approve it for Publishing.

4b Best time
Find out which times the Metigy AI machine has identified as the times you achieve the best engagement.

4c Date and Time Picker
Select and fine tune what time the post will be scheduled for. You can adjust it down to the minute, or prefill it using the Best Time menu.

4d Chosen time
At what time it is currently scheduled to be posted, shown in your local timezone.

4e Category
Metigy allows you to categorize your posts to help with searching within the Content Planner, as well as helping our AI better understand how you

4f Submit
Once you are happy with your content, click submit or choose a fast track option from the menu if available. You can read more about this in support article Content Status and Approve it for Publishing.