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Duplicate an Existing Content Post

With Metigy, if you wish to re-post a piece of content again, you can do so by using the duplicate content tool from with the Content Planner. This will make a new version of the piece of content.

When you duplicate a post, it will do a few things as part of that:

  • It will change the creator on the new post to you
  • All of the locations will remain the same
  • The content and any media will remain the same
  • New Metigy Tracking URLs will be created on publish
  • There will be none of the histories of the old content post
  • Have a date that is slightly in the future – which you can change.
  • Bring up the Content Curator

When we create the duplicate content, for the new time we use the same logic as when you click the create button. That is rounded up to the next 30-minute spot with a 5-minute window in case that is too soon.

How to Duplicate Content

The Duplicate Content tool is in two places within the Content Planner:

  1. In the rollover state next to the edit button
  2. In the overlay panel when you click on a piece of content

Duplicate a piece of content tool

Clicking on either of those buttons will bring up the Content Curator.

Note that at this point the content is not saved. You have created the duplicate content and started editing it.

You will need to finish making any amendments such as confirming or changing the post time, copy and link amendments, etc.

Once you are happy with the changes, click the save button. If you cancel or close the Content Curator, your duplicate content will not be saved.

After you have saved your new piece of content will be in the content planner in the time slot you allocated.


If you need additional help with creation content, be sure to read the Getting to Know the Content Curator support article.