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Customize the post for each platform

You’ve made you content but it’s not quite right for one of the platforms, such as needing a different link, or slightly different text due to the platform count for example.

Don’t worry, Metigy allows you to customize the content for each platform. What you can adjust is slightly different for some, which is covered below.

How do I start to customize?

Once you have entered your text and chosen the locations you can start to customize the content for any platform by clicking on the cog next to its logo in the preview:

This will open a modal showing you what can be updated for that post.

Customization for all platforms

All platform customizations look similar, and in the below example, the Facebook post is getting customized.

It works the same way as the main content entry fields, with the text area, content count, media uploader or url manager.

To edit the post, change them as if editing the main content. Any changes you make will be reflected in the preview after you save it. Once you are happy with the changes, click ‘SAVE’.

If you want to undo your changes, hit ‘RESET’ to roll them back to the master content. Hit ‘SAVE’ again to finish rolling back the change. Note that this cannot be undone once you save it.

You can cancel make changes at any time by clicking outside of the modal.

Customizing for LinkedIn

Due to the way the LinkedIn APIs work, you can customize the image that gets posted with a link through LinkedIn. To edit the image, click on the Customize Cog for LinkedIn. The modal will look the same except for the URL panel:

Click on Custom the Link Image and the panel is replaced with an image chooser:

You can choose from one of the images our scraper found on the link page or drag and drop a new image in.

Once you have picked an image, click on the ‘SAVE’ with the url customization panel.